Sem Thomasson

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Sem Thomasson is an established name in the Belgian electronic music scene.

A couple of years back, the young songwriter and DJ gained international attention with his stunning remix work for recognized artists like Flo Rida, Nelly Furtado and Steve Aoki.

This led to a quick rise of his DJ career with numerous appearances in the best clubs around the globe, a few international residencies under his belt and multiple gigs on festivals such as Tomorrowland and Tomorrowworld.

As a music producer he released tracks on labels such as Protocol Recordings, Big Beat Records, Universal Music and Atlantic Records just to name a few.

Since 2014 he developed his skills as a songwriter and producer by working for and with other artists including fellow Belgian DJs Regi, Yves-V.

In that period Thomasson wrote and produced several top 10 tracks in the Belgian national charts.

In early 2016 he signed a worldwide deal with Warner Music Group to focus on releasing music under his own name.

Thomasson now has his own weekly radio slot on radio QMusic and was named by Beatport as a future talent to watch.

Sem Thomasson
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