Over the years, DJ DIMARO has emerged as a true maestro in the world of DJs, renowned for his vibrant energy and versatile music selection that captures the heart of every audience. With a career spanning over two decades, DIMARO's unmatched style has secured him a permanent spot in the lineup of Tomorrowland - no less than 20 times - in addition to annual performances at every edition of the Ostend Beach Festival. His name also shines on the posters of festivals such as Kamping Kitch, Fantasia Festival, Dreambeats, Land of Love, Hype O Dream, and many others, affirming his status as a festival favorite.

However, DIMARO's magic isn't confined to festival stages; he's also a familiar face in the club scene. He was a staple in Club Carré for 12 years and rocked the dance floor of Kokorico for 8 years. But his fame isn't just limited to the Belgian club scene; DIMARO has also made his mark internationally with performances in China, Brazil, Spain, Armenia, Israel, Jordan, and beyond, proving that his music knows no borders.

In addition to his club performances, Dimaro was also a sought-after artist for corporate events. His music brought life to various corporate parties, from Porsche to Daikin, Telenet, and Bass. Even in prestigious venues like the World Economic Forum in Davos, Dimaro entertained the audience, including none other than the King of Belgium

His production talent is equally impressive. His remix of the hit "Are You With Me" has reached the ears of over 30 million listeners, highlighting the timeless appeal of his music. Additionally, in 2014, he received a gold record for "Drums," confirming his status as a hitmaker that transcends generations.

DJ DIMARO's ability to get people of all ages on the dance floor with his energetic style and all-around music choice makes him a unique and indispensable force in the music industry. As he continues to spin on the biggest stages and in the most prestigious clubs worldwide, DIMARO's music resonates with a universal audience, repeatedly proving that music is indeed the universal language that binds us all.

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