Djaxx & Neurotique

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In 2008, Djaxx (Sam Schnabel) & Neurotique (Ive Van Rillaer) were brought together by their passion for music and dj-ing. Despite their age, they have already managed to obtain a considerable amount of experience on a wide variety of events and become cultured members of the dj guild.

Next to their weekly residency in De Kaai, a well-known club in their hometown Antwerp where they have been playing all night dj-sets for more than four years in a row now, Djaxx & Neurotique are regularly invited to some of Belgium's most renowned venues, events and festivals (Tomorrowland, Café d'Anvers, Culture Club, La Rocca,…)

In 2013, their career was taken to a next level, as they were invited to play the opening set on the main stage of Tomorrowland, giving them the opportunity to display their talent on the biggest stage of the most popular electronic music festival in the world, alongside some of the biggest artists in the electronic music scene.

The musical taste of Djaxx & Neurotique can best be described as 'eclectic'. Their record collection is a representation of the whole spectrum of electronic dance music, ranging from underground house rhythms to rather mainstream house and electro sounds.

With their excellent dj-skills and a bunch of personal edits and mash-ups, they are able to blend all these different styles into a fluid and entertaining mix, aimed at pleasing their crowd as much as possible.

So beware and keep an eye out for this young and promising dj duo!

Djaxx  & Neurotique
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